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Texas Blessed Plumbing is among the oldest and most recognized plumbing service businesses in Grand Prairie. Our commitment to delivering an outstanding plumbing program is next to none, proven by our ninety two percent customer retention rate. We feel we hold on to customers by genuinely empathizing with their circumstances (plumbing issues might be stressful!), simplifying complex scenarios, and giving high-quality, reliable plumbing services.

We will provide you an exact estimate of the job price before any undertaking is done, ensuring you will find no monetary surprises when the job is complete. We clearly explain our diagnoses and findings and make sure every customer’s concerns are resolved.

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Our plumbers have many years of experience dealing with various plumbing systems, and we are confident that we can deal with something you toss our way. As technology has progressed over the years, we have adapted our methods to match the newest trends and stored our dedication to customer service.

We offer maintenance, replacement, and repair for any aspect of your respective plumbing system. Our expert plumber Grand Prairie technicians can also enable you to select the proper solutions for your house. 

We complete residential plumbing repairs efficiently and quickly to reduce wasted time on your head. We ensure your satisfaction a hundred percent.

Before we start any of our Prairie plumbing works, we will first do our plumbing Grand Prairie TX inspection. This part of our service is crucial if you wish to stay away from plumbing emergency. Regular plumbing inspection allows you to record your plumbing system; therefore, minor issues can be identified and solved before turning right into a significant complication. 

Our plumbing assessments are comprehensive and affordable. We supply a thorough evaluation of your plumbing system’s status and recognize the actual place associated with a suspected leak or even clog.

If you are looking for a competitively priced residential plumber, make sure you get the best.

Plumber Grand Prairie TX

Homeowners know that plumbing services are essential to the house. However, we do a great deal more than unclogging drains!

Our plumbers solve more plumbing problems than anybody else around. Here are the most common plumbing services and solutions we offer in Grand Prairie. 

Water Heater Installation

Anybody who called a company for water heater issues understands it is sometimes a quick process.
Nevertheless, we provide the best water heater repair in the area. Whether you want a brand new device installed or a current heater repaired, we get it done all on your budget! You don't need to shiver again for a cold shower. Instead, call our team for your house now! When other plumbers neglect to make your work a priority, we are there for you. Contact us today for your best water heater services!

Clogged Drains

Our team provides quick, economic drain unclogging, regardless of the range of the issue. We arrived armed with plungers, plumbing snakes, and various other professional-grade tools alternatives to create the most damaging drain clogs' quick work.

Gas Line Installation

For many years, our team has installed gas lines to achieve expert results at affordable prices. Call the group that only settles for the most effective installations possible. When you need quality installation at rates you can pay for, you can always count on our plumbers.

Faucet Repair

When you have a leaky faucet, would you call a plumber or ignore it? Rather than waste cash on unreliable fixes, you can always choose our plumbers for your plumbing requirements. Whether you require faucet repairs, leak detection, or brand new unit installations, we provide it all!

Toilet Repairs

We understand that every toilet runs into trouble at last. Regardless of the dynamics of your toilet problems, we are here to help. From blocked drains to seeping bases, new toilet installations, and troubleshooting, we get it done all! Call today for your ideal toilet maintenance services. We provide fast repairs minimizing pricing every day!

Leak Detection

When you notice that your water bill is suddenly increasing, there must be some severe plumbing problems. We provide comprehensive leak detection to look for and restore some problems you might have. Regardless of how little or large the issue, we will be there to assist you! From bathroom plumbing to kitchen sinks, we manage it all.

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Plumbers Grande Prairie, TX

No matter how unforeseen issues show up, you need to have experienced, reliable, and sincere plumbers in Grand Prairie and Texas Blessed Plumbing got you covered! We repair or replace plumbing fixtures connected to any residential or commercial dwelling area. 

Your security is our topmost concern. Therefore, we ensure that your repair is performed in a timely and safe fashion.

Our Grand Prairie TX Plumber, are entirely insured, qualified, and bonded to help all of your plumbing issues. When one of our plumber’s reports in your company premises or house location, always keep in mind that you are in good hands. 

We have excellent, trained, and expert staff members of plumbing contractors, qualified journeymen, and apprentices regarding training. There is no job too big or small to handle.

While doing all our inspections, our team uses state-of-the-art equipment with great methods to perform your updates and repairs and provide top-notch items to our clients. 

We are among the top-rated plumbers in Grand Prairie. We have already built a fantastic track record of satisfied customers within several years because of our quick services. Our staff and master plumbers are supplied with the required equipment and tools to manage each type of plumbing problem, regardless of whether it is complicated, small, or significant. 

Our sophisticated equipment is used by experts trained to identify the leak in an efficient and timely manner. Our full house plumbing inspection products include a comprehensive examination of several plumbing fixtures, supply lines, sewer lines, and drainage lines.

To know more about our professional plumbing services here in Grand Prairie, Texas Blessed Plumbing is your perfect choice. You can call or email us, and one of our representatives will talk to you and answer all your queries. Don’t wait for your minor plumbing problems to turn into an expensive major one. Call us today!

Plumbers Grand Prairie TX that provide Full Plumbing services

Texas Blessed Plumbing is the leading plumbing company in Grand Prairie, Texas. We offer a variety of services to help you solve any type of plumbing problem that you might be experiencing in your residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


Drain Cleaning Service

Drain Cleaning service is the process in which the waste line (sewer) is cleaned by an experienced plumbers. Drain cleaning can be done through Drain Snaking or Drain Jetting, Drain snaking involves inserting a flexible cable into the sewer with water under pressure flowing, used to remove any debris that has gathered in the sewer line.

Water Heater Repairs & Installation

Water heaters are appliances that usually sit in the background while providing us with comfortable hot water for showers, baths, dishwashing, and laundry. But when things go wrong with it, they can turn our world upside down.

If your tankless water heaters are leaking or has failed to produce hot water you need to know who to call before it’s too late.

Sewer Line Repair and Cleaning

Sewer line cleaning is an important part of being a homeowner and business. Sewer lines are necessary for things like wastewater, water pressure, and drainage. Sewer repair service is needed when the sewer line is clogged or damaged. Sewer repair can be performed with minimal interruption to daily life.

Sewer Line Repair professionals can perform Sewer Line cleaning quickly and efficiently without causing too much trouble for the homeowner.

Septic Tank Plumbing

Septic tanks are an integral part of modern plumbing. Septic tanks help control the spreading of harmful waste products by treating wastewater, often handling waste water produced in households and businesses. 

Plumbers local to you can offer Septic tank installation, replacement service and repair work for all your Septic tank needs. Septic Tank Replacement or Installation can be carried out by qualified Grand Prairie plumbers with years of experience in the trade.

Slab Leak Repair Service

Slab leaks are hard to detect. It’s caused by a break in the water supply line, which is located under your home’s concrete Slab. Slab leak repair service can be expensive since it may involve digging up the yard and cutting into the Slab. It can also be prevented with annual maintenance services for your plumbing system.

Gas Leak Detection and Repair

Gas leaks are threats to you, your family, the environment, and your property. It can be silent but deadly. Gas leaks can cause explosions if it builds up in unventilated areas. It can cause asphyxiation or suffocation if inhaled without proper ventilation. Gas leaks can cause fire if it builds up in the presence of an ignition source. Gas leak detection is important that you stay safe and protect your family, property, pets, businesses, and our environment. 

Gas Leak Detection in your home or business is easy when you call us.


Our team at Texas Blessed Plumbers will come out to your location and give you an estimate for free on any work you would like done before we begin. There are many plumbing companies that will try to convince you that they have the “best” solution but they don’t actually explain what they will do or how it works.

We explain all of our processes so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill!

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